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    Cone Burners


    Domed Patina Brass Burner for cones (2" tall).


    Extra large brass burner for cones. (4" tall)


    Large brass cone burner. (4" tall)


    Large hanging brass bowl for cones (6" tall without chains)

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    Large patina brass burner for cones. Styles may vary. (3" - 3.5" tall)

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    Natural onyx cone burner.  Sold individually, multiples shown to display color variety . (1" tall)


    Special sand included, One size fits all. Use with sticks, cones and can support Biggies™ as pictured. (2" diameter)


    Small brass pot for cones. (2.25" tall)


    Brass cone burner, two pieces (2.5" tall)


    Small hanging brass bowl for cones (4" tall without chains)


    Small sand burner with wood plate, for sticks, cones and Shorties™. Sand included. (2.5" diameter x 2.5" tall)


    Standing brass cone burner. (6" tall)


    Zodiac incense plate for sticks.  7" diameter