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    Q. How long does Wild Berry incense burn?
    A. A stick of incense will burn approximately 1 hour, cones & Shorties™ 30 minutes, Biggies™ and Yardsticks 3 hours.
    Q. How many fragrances do you carry?
    A. We have over 90 different fragrances.
    Q. Where is the Wild Berry Factory Store located?
    A. The store is located at 5465 College Corner Pike in Oxford, Ohio.
    Q. What are the Wild Berry Factory Store hours?
    A. Monday through Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sunday 12pm to 6pm.
    Q. Are the styles and colors of burners pictured the only ones available?
    A. No. Due to the amount of items we provide not all colors or variations can be pictured. Many of the items we carry are of varying styles and/or colors. If you would like to request a specific style or color please call us at (800) 542-3779.
    Q. Do the jars come with lids?
    A. No, the jars are meant for display purposes only.